Sunday, January 01, 2006

Learn About "Post Prayer"

Post Prayer is being lauched on the first day of 2006!

We here at 'Post Prayer' believe that a prayer is a beautiful gesture and the most valued gift on earth. Although the world has it's problems ... there is still a lot of good in the world and sometimes the people of the world need to be reminded, that's where 'Post Prayer' comes in.

Do you have a prayer? If you do, show the world and encourage others to show their support of prayers ... all you have to do is send your prayer--we'll do the rest.

Who can pray?

Anyone can pray! Every prayer counts from one to a zillion, prayers from private individuals, organizations or from groups, classrooms, churches, towns or from entire families ... every prayer is unique.

What can I do?

Simply e-mail us your prayer, we'll never publish your e-mail address and you can choose to use your name or be anonymous ... just let us know!

Rest assured that your address will not be shown.

What's the address?

Send your prayer to and we'll post it here for all to see! At first the idea was to snap a photo of postcards mailed into us but we decided that could be a huge task and e-mail is much faster and more reliable, send your prayer today!

Spread the word!

'Post Prayer' hopes that you will tell everyone you know about this blog and encourage them to send in their prayers. If you have a website or a blog, we appreciate links too.

Everyone prays in one form or another and here's a few that we found while searching:

Jeff Soule acknowledges the Lord in his life in the midst of life, as hectic as it is and where Jeff's motto is 'changing the world one prayer at a time' ... kudos to Jeff!

Then there's the beautiful prayer at the top of Annette Burkett's blog for 2006, along with the inspiring story of Jacob that played an important role for Annette's new year ... I'm sure that she is blessed.

Others like BJ's family also show their prayers.

There are umpteen blogs and websites that include prayer in one or more posts, just search with the term(s) pray, prayer, prayers, praying ... that's how we found these lil soldiers!

We can all make the world a better place, each and every one of us with a single prayer, they add up and we look forward to posting yours right here at Post Prayer.